COVID-19: Belfast Trans Resource Centre closed until further notice

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This information was last updated on Friday 20th March 2020 at 17:30 GMT.

Dear friends and colleagues,

Due to the developing public health issues surrounding COVID-19 / coronavirus in the UK and Ireland, and due to our responsibilities to the communities we support, we are temporarily closing the Belfast Trans Resource Centre completely, except for essential staff visits.

Do not attend for appointments, meetings or events.

This also applies to volunteers and all keyholders. Use of the BTRC for any communal activity is not permitted.

There have been no individuals known to have had contact with the virus who have attended the BTRC, but due to the increased risks to some in our community, and especially due to the high number of trans people in our staff and volunteer teams with chronic illnesses, we are taking this step as a precaution.

The BTRC will be providing online and telephone support services, which will be announced on Monday 23rd March 2020.

We will not be delivering training or public events whatsoever.

If you are unsure about what any of this means, please contact us in the most appropriate way for you:

If you have any concerns about your own health, please check the Public Health Agency NI’s website for more information on COVID-19:

We recognise that this may be a difficult change for many. If you regularly use the BTRC as a meeting place or to talk with other trans people, the BTRC runs a Discord server which all trans people in Northern Ireland are welcome to join:

You can contact us anytime with our pandemic support address,

Again, this is a temporary move which is preventative and proactive. As government advice on COVID-19 develops, we will integrate it into our plans. We will continue to update local trans communities on any relevant information via social media as it becomes available.

In solidarity,

The BTRC and TransgenderNI Teams