About the BTRC

A close up of one of the BTRC Community Library books
The BTRC Community Library

The Belfast Trans Resource Centre is a community space and hub for the transgender people of Belfast and beyond. We are an accessible, welcoming venue, used by most trans organisations in Northern Ireland for events.

We’ve had our doors opened since November 2016 with the support and direction of¬†SAIL. We’re run entirely by volunteers, and have a regular calendar of events for trans, non-binary and questioning people of all ages, plus their friends and families.

In August 2018, we became a project of the newly formed TransgenderNI, and led completely by the trans community.

Whether you’ve been out as trans for decades, or you’re just starting to question your gender, you’re very welcome to our centre – it’s your space, and it’s yours to enjoy, feel safe in and find your community in.

We have a growing number of resources here for the community, including a library of books by trans authors and on topics around gender & LGBT people. We have many resources available for trans people needing support in education, healthcare and the workplace, all of which are available free of charge. We also have a skilled team of volunteers who are experts in supporting trans people and their families here in Belfast, who would be very happy to help with any questions you may have.

We don’t have daily opening hours except for our regular events calendar, but we’re always here on Wednesdays from 12pm – 6pm!¬†However, if you would like to guarantee that we’ll be here outside these times, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to arrange a time to meet you.