Accessibility and Getting Here


The Belfast Trans Resource Centre is located at 98 University Street, Belfast, BT7 1HE. Access is via our own door, marked with a clear white sign on the main door.

Access is via a doorbell, mounted at an accessible height.

 Getting there

  • The Belfast Trans Resource Centre is accessible for pedestrians and cyclists via University Street.
    • The footpath on University Street is flat and quite well-surfaced for its entire length.
    • From Belfast City Hall, the Centre is approximately a 15 minute walk.
    • Cycles can be parked at public cycle parking directly outside the Centre. There are 6 spaces available directly outside, with others available on other parts of the street.
    • There is a Belfast Bikes station nearby at the McClay Library at Queen’s University.
  • For bus and rail users, travel to Belfast is available from several parts of Northern Ireland.
    • The closest train station is Belfast Great Victoria Street, which is a 15 minute walk away.
    • The Centre is accessible via the 7a, 7b, 7c and 7d Metro bus services within Belfast, and is a short 4 minute walk from the nearest stop on Botanic Avenue.
    • All buses operating on the Translink Metro network are wheelchair accessible, low-floor vehicles.
  • Private car and motorcycle users can park in nearby car parks, and on-street. On-street parking is limited during business and university hours due to the busy area, but spaces are usually available.
  • Parking for Blue Badge holders is available along University Street at regular intervals. The closest marked bay is 20 metres from the front door and is accessible step-free. These bays are marked with the  icon and with “DISABLED”.

Venue accessibility information

We try to make our events as accessible as possible for as many people to attend as possible. Please see below for specific information regarding certain accessibility factors for this venue. If you have questions, please get in touch.


 General information

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms are provided. These are single-stall, with sanitary bins. One is wheelchair accessible.
  • Our accessible toilet is not to Changing Places standards. You can find a map of Changing Places toilets in Belfast online.
  • Carers are welcome at all of our events.
  • Assistance animals are welcome, and drinking water is available.
  • Our building is generally well heated. If you have arrived just as the building is opened, it may take 10-15 minutes to heat up. We have air conditioning for hot summer days.

Information for physically disabled people

  • The front door is not power assisted and is heavy. This can be of particular difficulty for wheelchair users, and those with limited upper body strength. Assistance is available if required at the front doors. Please ring the doorbell for assistance.
  • The front door is at the top of a mild ramp, and the doorbell is at a height suitable for wheelchair users.
  • An accessible bathroom is located at the back of the premises.
  • The centre’s floor is flat and is suitable for most wheelchairs & other mobility aids. The centre is step-free thoughout, and all areas are accessible to wheelchair users. All doors are standard office doors, wide enough for wheelchair users.
  • We have a 24V 8A charger available, which is suitable for most powerchairs and mobility scooters. You are welcome to charge your equipment using this or your own charger.
  • Comfortable sofas and chairs are available throughout. Blankets and pillows are available for people who need to rest due to fatigue or disability reasons.

Information for D/deaf, hard-of-hearing, and sound-sensitive people

  • We have a portable Induction Loop hearing system compatible with any hearing aid users with a T (telecoil) setting.
  • Our Induction Loop system is also suitable for some deaf and hard-of-hearing people without an induction-compatible hearing aid through use of a handheld receiver.
  • Assistance animals are welcome, and drinking water is available.
  • We regretfully do not have the resources for sign language interpreters at our events.
  • Where at all possible, Closed Captioning (subtitles) will be used on all video presentations used.
  • The venue can sometimes be loud, and we have breakout rooms which anyone is welcome to use.
  • We have a number of LCD writing tablets available, which are a useful form of alternative communication.
  • We have a small number of ear defenders for people who need hearing protection in social situations due to sound sensitivity.

Information for blind, partially-sighted people, and photosensitive people

  • Assistance animals are welcome, and drinking water is available.
  • Large print versions of resources are generally available.
  • Audio CD, DAISY CD, MP3 audio, Braille and tactile diagram versions of resources are generally not available, but can be made available upon request.
  • Flicker-free fluorescent lighting is in use throughout the venue. We have alternative flicker-free LED lamps in the community area if required. The community area has adjustable blinds to reduce sunlight and streetlight glare.

Information for Autistic, anxious and Neurodiverse people

  • Assistance animals are welcome, and drinking water is available.
  • We welcome anxious or nervous people to come along to all of our events early if they want to talk to an individual contact person before coming along into a group. Please get in touch if you would like to meet someone one-to-one in advance, or turn up early by up to 30 minutes for an easier entry to events.
  • We have a collection of sensory / stim toys for people to use and play with. These are regularly cleaned for hygiene reasons.
  • We have a number of LCD writing tablets available, which are a useful form of alternative communication.

Information for people with severe allergies or who are immunocompromised

  • Our heating/cooling system is a roof-mounted air-conditioning system. If this affects your health (allergens, dust content, risk of infection etc), we will use natural or alternative heating/cooling if at all possible.
  • We welcome the use of safety / particulate masks for those that wish/need to use them.

 First Aid information

  • A First Aid kit is available in the kitchen, prominently displayed on the wall in a green fabric bag.
  • We carry emergency naloxone for lifesaving use in the case of an opiate overdose.
  • In a health emergency, you should call 999 from the office phone or from a mobile phone. The address is 98 University Street, Belfast, BT7 1HE.

Food & dietary information

  • Food & drinks are generally available at the venue.
    • The venue provides free tea, coffee, fresh water, soft drinks and snacks.
    • Vegan and gluten-, soy-, nut- and dairy-free snacks are generally available and can be bought elsewhere and brought along.
    • We use both standard cow’s milk and soya milk for tea & coffee.
    • We will require our staff, volunteers and visitors to not open or eat food containing allergens (nuts, etc) if they will affect your health. Please let a volunteer know and we’ll ensure this is put in place for you.
  • You are welcome to bring your own hot or cold food and drink.
  • Alcohol, tobacco and unlawful drugs are not permitted to be used at the venue. You are welcome to bring your own prescription medication. A smoking area is available outside at the rear of the building.


  • If you have worries or concerns about attending, or about someone you know attending, please get in touch.